The Price of Free screening

This event is a screening of the documentary 'The Price of Free'. During the screening we will reflect on the ethics in the fashion industry.

Responsible Consumption And Production

Thursday 24th of November there will be a screening of ‘The Price of Free’. A documentary that follows Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi’s journey to liberate every child from slavery. The screening will be at the Solidaridad’s Signastore in Utrecht, a pop-up in Utrecht promoting the ECI Campaign Good Clothes Fair Pay.

The screening will be interspersed with short audience discussions about child labour. Jos Huber, Nathalie Klok, and Anne van Lakerveld from Fair Wear Foundation are joining the discussion. They willreflect on ethics in the fashion system and how we can support the necessary change to a fairest and human right respect fashion industry.

Where: #SignaStore in Utrecht (Voor Clarenburg 6)
When: Thursday, November 24th – 18 hs.
The event is free.

#SignaStore is a Solidaridad Network initiative to collect signatures for the #goodclothesfairpay campaign.

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